Temporary closure of the Garcelon Civic Center due to unexpected repair September 12th – 21st

By September 15, 2020 6:22 pmUncategorized
Unfortunately we received more bad news today regarding the incoming part that we need to repair the water pressure valve in the facility. After waiting at the airport for the part to arrive, our staff member was informed that the delivery company made an error and did not put the part on the aircraft as the Town requested but instead loaded it onto a truck. This means that we are now left waiting until Monday or Tuesday next week for the part to arrive and must now extend the closure on the facility until possibly Wednesday to allow time for the repair to be completed.
To our monthly members, please note that we will be adjusting your membership expiration dates accordingly once we receive a confirmed opening date. We do sincerely apologize and we will continue to keep posting updates as we receive them. Thank you to all our users for their continued patience as we work through this troublesome repair.
We wish we had better news this evening, but unfortunately we will be remaining closed through tomorrow and Thursday morning as we are waiting for the arrival of the specific parts from out of province.
We hope to have better news on Thursday and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our patrons and thank everyone for their continued patience as we work to get the facility re-opened as soon as we possibly can!
September 12th:
The staff at the Town of St. Stephen have been working to repair the pressure valve failure on the main water feed at the Garcelon Civic Center and at this time it looks like the facility should be able to re-open sometime on Wednesday. Please continue to monitor our social media sites as updates about re-opening will be posted here. Thank you to our patrons for your patience as we work to get the facility open again.