Sunlife Walking Track


Sunlife Walking Track


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Our Walking Track has re-opened on a limited basis.  Please call 506-467-3030 x100 for more information or to book a slot.

  • The Sunlife Walking Track is located inside The Quartermain Arena, surrounding it from above the seating area.
  • 5 laps around the track is just about equal to 1km, with each lap being around 200m.
  • There is no cost for the public to use the walking track.
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Our walking track hours due to Covid-19 are 6am-9pm Monday to Friday and 8am-9pm Saturday/Sunday/holidays.  Please keep in mind that the following hours may change due to events, private rentals in the arena or schedule changes so please check our Facebook page for updates, or call 506-467-3030 x100.