Swimming Lessons

We run 3 sessions of swimming lessons per year: a fall session (September-December), a winter session (January-March), and a spring session (April-June). Our lessons are designed for all ages, ranging from infants (4 months or older) to adults.

Spring 2021 Swim Lessons – Register Online Here

Private and semi-private lessons available.

Please call 467-3030 x120 or email aquatics@chocolatetown.ca for more information.



Great Barrier Busters Announcement

Registration for swimming lessons can be done online or at the front desk; we do not accept registrations over the phone.

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If you do not know what level to register your child in, you can either checkout our swim registration chart or contact the Aquatics Coordinator Kari Kluke by phone (506) 467-3047 or email kari@garcelonciviccenter.ca to arrange a swim assessment.

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