Update on the Garcelon Civic Center – May 22 – EN

Update on the Garcelon Civic Center - May 22 - EN



To Our Valued Members and Clients:

On March 13, 2020, we closed our doors as part of the Province-wide approach to managing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since that time, our staff have undertaken several initiatives to manage the financial impacts of COVID-19, as well as improve the overall facility. This has included:

  1. Draining the Aquatic Center pools;
  2. Removal of ice from the Quartermain Arena;
  3. Repairing and repainting
  4. Repairs and maintenance to the facility HVAC systems.

By undertaking this work during the closure, we are optimistic that we will face less service interruptions once we are able to re-establish operations and will provide an enhanced overall user experience. Additionally, the decisions to drain the pools and remove the ice have resulted in reductions in our operational costs which will mitigate against the lost revenue which resulted from the closure.

The Town of St. Stephen recognizes that recent announcements from Premier Higgs have elevated community expectations regarding our operational status. However, despite the relaxation of restrictions announced, our facility will not be in an operational status on May 29th. Current work on our HVAC system would prevent us from meeting health guidelines for reopening at this time. Further, decisions as to when and how the Garcelon Civic Center will reopen will be the result of careful consideration of costs, benefits, lessons learned from other similar facilities, and most importantly, public safety.

Our team is working very hard to ensure that when our facility reopens, we do so with the confidence that we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Further updates on our operational status will be released as they become available.

Thank you for you understanding. We look forward to serving you once again.