Arena Schedule June 12th-16th

The skating schedule for the week of June 12th-16th does not follow the regular skating schedule for the summer. The Atlantic Hockey Group from Jacksonville, Florida has rented our ice for the week in order to run clinics and games, therefore skating times will be slightly different for this week:

Come out and support our local teams at 5:30pm and 7:00pm every night this week as they take on the group from Florida!

Adult Skate 7:45-8:20
Atlantic Hockey Group Clinic 8:30-10:00
Senior Skate 10:40-11:50
Parent and Tot Skate 12:00-1:00
Public Skate 1:10-2:50
Tykes with Sticks 3:00-4:00
Atlantic Hockey Group Game 5:30-6:45
Atlantic Hockey Group Game 7:00-8:15
Open for Rental 8:30-9:30